Hello, Steve has uploaded his latest interview with Dr. Hyla Cass. Our topic is how to ‘Reclaim Your Brain‘.

Reclaim Your Brain and Enhance Your Mood, Memory and Energy


Dr. Hyla CassBrain chemistry is the vital link between your mind and body. In order to Reclaim Your Brain it is important to understand your brain chemistry, the mind-body connection, and the relationship between mental health and physical well-being. 

Depression, anxiety, panic, obsessions, addictions and memory loss are too often considered to be a matter of “mind over matter.” Friends, family, and sadly, even therapists, will tell you that self discipline or extensive psychotherapy are the ways to kick these mindstates.  Or they may urge you to take a prescription medication.

Reclaim Your BrainThe good news is this: Rather that being crazy, neurotic or hopelessly psychologically damaged, you may simply be low in certain nutrients! Most mainstream medical doctors overlook the fact that mood, behavior, and mental performance all depend on your balance of neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers of the brain. It’s not simply mind over matter, but can also be matter over mind, too. (from Reclaim Your Brain, for a free copy of Dr. Cass’ e-book go to our podcast page)

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