For anyone who has ever had a yoga practice, the recent announcement from the Harvard Medical School about yoga’s effectiveness in reducing anxiety and depression is another “duh” moment in the annals of science.

Dr Leo Shambach, inventor of I guess unless it’s studied and tested, we’ll have to rely on “Mother’s Little Helper” and the pharmaceutical industry to do help us cope.

Whether you do yoga or not, just moving your body helps. Walking whenever you can goes a long way. It might even get you moving in a direction to try out this “yoga’ thing.

For those intrigued, a good first step is to check out The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Yoga compiled by Joanna Thomas. There’s bound to be something for everybody. .

The word “yoga” means union. Mind, body, spirit. Discover your yoga groove and never forget, it’s a . . . practice.

Yoga in the park