Apparently consumers are beginning to wise up about their beverages of choice.  Added chemicals, artificial sweeteners, empty calories and rampant diabetes are beginning to impact diet soda sales.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg  tried to limit the size of sodas that could be sold.  He got a lot of flack for that, but his heart and the health of his constituents was firmly in mind.

Soda Consumptioin Falling

Now diet soda is the industry’s weightiest problem. Store sales of zero- and low-calorie soda plunged 6.8% in dollar terms in the 52 weeks through Nov. 23, while sales of regular sodas dropped 2.2%, according to Wells Fargo, citing Nielsen scanner data. As a category, diet soda has contracted more than regular soda for three straight years. Read more from the Wall Street Journal.

The Center for Disease Control has a campaign to rethink your drink.rethink your drink Schools across the country are using it to educated students about the impacts of drinking sodas.