Roasted Vegetables, Rice, Tofu with ChantrellesIn case you’re getting ready to make some dietary changes, you should know that you can eat surprisingly well on very little money per day.  There are two things that will make your life so much more fulfilling .

1. – Know what to buy, and

2. – Learn how to cook.

I’m not talking Michelin 5 star cooking either. Knowing how to cook a few simple things can turn out to be profitable as well as healthy.

That’s what Brett Arends of the Wall Street Journal discovered. “Eating reasonably well on $4.30 a day turned out to be a bit like a Rubik’s Cube puzzle: It seemed impossible until I worked out the trick. Then it became surprisingly manageable, if monotonous.”


Trust me, it never has to be monotonous. A little practice and some creativity will carry you a long way.

Pictured: Roasted vegetables, brown rice, tofu, with chantrelle mushrooms.