When I first saw this I couldn’t wait to try it. Now for those of you who don’t cook and remain unimpressed after watching, stay with me on this. It’ll be worth your while.

For my friends and all of us who love to cook – and crowds are perfect for this trick – I couldn’t wait to try this at home as they say.

I was dismayed to learn that I didn’t have two identical large steel bowls. Do not underestimate the importance of this. The escape velocity needed to separate the cloves from the peels falls off dramatically as you decrease bowl size. That’s physics for you.

After trying all sorts of vessel combinations that really didn’t work all that well, (or sound like island marimbas) , I resigned myself to using two 8″ steel mixing bowls. That’s all I had that matched and I could still keep hold of. This video takes place in Saveur Magazine’s test kitchen. I only mention it out of jealousy and the urge to remodel our kitchen.  The video is only a minute. With 8″ bowls, you will get an aerobic workout. Not counting checking the bowl every 45 seconds for over 5 minutes before I stopped counting, I’d say don’t try this at home.  Why are they still laughing at me?

For those who don’t cook and your still with me after watching the video, then you’re probably wondering just how far a little garlic can take you. So let’s just say you don’t cook yet. I predict that you will. You do like to eat though, don’t you?  Garlic has been integral in cultures and cuisines throughout the world. You probably have a favorite garlic dish or a restaurant to go to for a garlic fix. You’re remembering tasting it right now, aren’t you? There”s even a garlic festival for people like you – willing to be seduced by how far they can take this garlic thing.. Tasty is a very good place to start.

But what if you just want to be popular or come off your meds and you’re not quite ready to make a serious garlic commitment just yet?. Not to worry. Here’s the Nutrition News 5 Step Guide To Dating and Garlic..

Step One is modeled on following the lead of the party hopper in the taco bell party pack commercial. Only you’re gonna kick it up a notch adding your personal touch by bringing two large steel bowls and a bunch of garlic bulbs to your next party. I guarantee you’ll be noticed! That’s the first step to getting a date,  a job or being popular for that matter. (And you won’t be nearly as lame as the guy in the commercial who brings plastic food to a party). Yeah, that’s pretty scary but not as scary as the 60% of our food supply that’s processed and uses unlabeled genetically modified organisms, on industrial farms that use the vast majority of antibiotics now leaching into our water topped by the growing number of chemicals and food additives the FDA says is “safe”.

If you’re still on track,

Step two is reprise the one minute garlic video. (Tip: I assume if you’re gonzo enough to hunt down two large steel bowls, you’ll practice at home. Nuf said.).

When the applause dies down and you’re the envy of everyone in the room -(think most interesting man in the world, you know the one women want to dine with and men want to grill with? Ok maybe we’re getting off track).

Step three is to ask the crowd for favorite garlic recipes.  Everybody who has one is in. At this point you’re home free. That’s your garlic tribe. You’ve just created a movement in three minutes or less. Congratulations on playing the “Is It Healthy?” Game.

Step four, acknowledge the brilliance of the crowd with a “Let’s Go” while promenading toward the kitchen. Don’t worry! Your tribe will be comfortable in the kitchen.

Step five is to preside as garlic master of ceremonies. After the stunt you just pulled, no one will expect you to do anything other than what you want to anyway.  So just relax and be cool. Watch and learn. Ask questions. To help turn you into a polished garlic aficionado, here are some interesting facts and garlic lore.(Warning: No garlic vampire connections).

One of the most interesting stories about garlic involves an incident that has been referred to as the first labor strike. Egyptian records show that in 3748 B.C. the slaves stopped work on the pyramid of Cheops because they had not received their garlic ration. They believed they needed it for strength and courage. (Evidently the situation was rectified by management). Garlic has been part of the we are the 99% for millennium!! Tasty, cross cultural touch points connecting us to each other through our food, plants, nature and place.You get all that from a few cloves and you’ve just seen how quickly at hand they can be had!

You probably expected us to lead with the health benefits of garlic.You could spend a career investigating garlic’s chemistry and unique antioxidant properties and many have. No one has seen a compound, synthetic or natural react so quickly as a powerful antioxidant.When garlic’s active ingredient, alicin breaks down it yields sulfenic acid. When sulfenic acid touches radicals, the antioxidant effect is as fast as it can get. It’s limited only by the time it takes for the two molecules to come into contact. Garlic is like antimatter to free radicals.

If you don’t cook you probably don’t eat much garlic. If you’re still resisting cooking, there are a variety of garlic formulations available as nutritional supplements.

So let’s recap the benefits of garlic: 1- cause of the first recorded labor strike. 2 – Cool kitchen trick. 3 – New way to meet your future spouse. 4 – zillions of tasty garlic recipes. 5 – massive health benefits including the fastest acting known antioxidant, anti-candida, anti-cancer properties. What’s not to love? Garlic is the king of herbs. Go with a winner. Still unconvinced? I didn’t think so.

So how far do you think you can take this garlic thing anyway? Post your replies and suggestions. That’s how easy it is to play the “Is It Healthy?” Game.