Mission To Define ‘Natural’

Uncovers Consumer Misperceptions

Captain Picard Asks A WTF QuestionHow “natural” gets defined will have momentous effects across the food and supplement markets. The term is currently being defined by lawsuits.

Who would have thought we’d have to have an argument about what ‘natural’ means, but it turns out we do and we should.

We live in a society that argues over how many parts per million of perchlorate in our drinking water is acceptable. Perchloate is a salt used in the manufacturing explosives and rocket fuel. That’s right, rocket fuel.

The Natural and Organic Health Society has just released a study that reveals how much confusion and misinformation consumers have about ‘natural’.

Being healthy is simple, but it certainly isn’t getting any easier, is it? It doesn’t have to be this way. We  vote with our forks. Each mouthful represents a choice about how much ‘natural’ we have.  I think that’s a basis for dinner table conversations.