First came Jane Fonda’s aerobic workout with step classes, then other forms of exercise became popular such as yoga, spinning, and now the newest fashionably fit craze comes from an unexpected source: pole dancing! In case think pole dancing is easy “I can do that,” think again. It’s a very athletic workout that takes skill, training and strength.


Not just any pole will do–there are specific top pole dancing poles. These slender metal poles are intended to mimic those used by exotic dancers in clubs. Top poles must support your full body weight, be lightweight and removable, durable, have a quality polished surface, be easy to clean and easy to install.

Pole dancing is usually taught in classes or with an instructional manual or DVD to teach the new aspiring pole dancer how to move like the pros and burn calories like a champion. Those that really show promise might even have a chance to compete in the “World Dance Pole” competition!

If pole dancing poles in the home aren’t feasible because of lack of room or children running around, be sure to check with local health clubs and fitness centers – chances are at least one offers classes with pole dancing poles already available at the center. If classes seem like a good route to take, don’t be afraid to get “in character” a little bit. Stripper clothes tend to be bikini-like, tight to the body, and sometimes can have pretty fringe or sparkles when in motion, all of which are ideal for the movements incorporated into pole dancing. Stripper clothes don’t have to be scandalous. Shop around and look at stripper outfits to find a sexy number that works well on you.

With the rise of pole dancing poles being used in the home, kits and “how to” DVDs have emerged from celebrities like Carmen Electra and Kendra Wilkinson. Poles from a kit are typically packed in collapsible sections that fit together. These poles may be a model that stands on its own for light “posing” type movements, or may use tension to fit between the floor and the ceiling for more athletic use. Be sure to review your space constraints and ceiling clearance before selecting from the pole dancing poles available on the market. Make sure that the pole you buy moves as you dance instead of one that is fixed like a fireman’s pole.

Once you’ve got your moves down and are feeling confidant, you can check out the U.S. Pole Dancing Championship for some inspiration and Circ du Solei moves.

You can go online and shop for pole dancing poles and they come in a wide variety of quality, color and ease of installation. Prices range from $99 and up, however, we suggest the following poles and prices.

1. Flirt Girl: $259.94
2. Lil’ Mynx: $259
3. Hard Core: $289.99
4. X-Pole: $299
5. Portable: $379

Pole dancing is definitely the new and fashionable way to exercise, build your strength and lose weight. But don’t think it’s going to be easy. It takes real physical strength to pull off even the simplest moves.  Be patient, stay with it and in the process you will also have loads of fun as you twirl around the pole.