Researchers looked at 30 years’ worth of studies and found that kids’ diets have become far different from their parents’, and they appear less healthy. Well duh!  Check out this news release about the study by Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health.

A story in the Baltimore Sun story features a number of parents’ experiences getting their kids to eat healthy. Yeah, there are certainly lots of outside influences on kids dietary choices. That’s no reason to give up in spite of the devious advertising methods, additives and genetically modified ingredients.

That’s why it’s critical for parents and the schools to constantly teach and reinforce healthy food habits. Riverside Unified School District in California has had such great success with their Farmer’s Market Salad Bar that when the kids reach middle school and if there isn’t a salad bar, they complain loudly.

These results fly in the face of early critics who said kids won’t eat raw veggies or the excuse of all the advertising directed at children. That’s clearly not the case here. It goes to show how important it is for parents and schools to model the desired behaviors. If the parents don’t know what to eat, how will the kids?