Tart Cherry Juice Lowers Blood Pressure

School’s in session and more kids are learning, growing, and playing fueled by good-tasting whole grains!

Lately, there have been big wins in the movement to improve school lunches, and Community Grains is proud to be doing their part.

Oakland Unified School District has decided to go all in with Community Grains’ California-grown, 100% whole grain pastas,now on cafeteria lunch menus in 85 Oakland public schools!

And in yet another fantastic move, OUSD is set to adopt a Good Food Purchasing Policy — a purchasing standard that demonstrates its commitment to better sourcing, sustainability, fair labor, and quality whole foods.

On the national front, the USDA recently formalized new school nutrition rules under the groundbreaking Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act. There’s much work to be done, but it seems clear that the local school wellness policies are making a big difference.

Parents who remember their school lunches may be jealous but this is great news for kids. We’re so pleased and encouraged, we could hit the playground ourselves!